Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK

The Mermaid Wedding Dress

I think every girl dreams of wearing a mermaid style wedding dress, also known as the fishtail dress. The mermaid style wedding dress has always been a popular choice for brides and continues to be.

Wedding Table Ideas

Your wedding tables are going to look perfect on your special day with a little help from Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK!
 We all have our own ideas of how we vision our wedding tables to look and of course, depending on your chosen wedding theme and style will determine what look you will choose to decorate your tables. 

How A Wedding Planner Can Help You

Congratulations, you're engaged! You're now starting to think about planning your wedding. 
Your wedding day will be one of the most important and happiest days of your life, a day you will never forget.

Wedding Firework Displays

Add glamour and excitement to your special day with the most spectacular firework display that will leave you and your guests with the most amazing memories - I can not think of a better way to end your wedding day.

When Will Weddings Resume

Couples have been left heart broken this year as their weddings that they have been planning for the last couple of years have had to be postponed due to Covid-19.

What we must all remember is that your weddings have not been cancelled but have been postponed til a later date... most likely 2021.

Your Bridal Hair & Make-up Artist!

 We all want to look and feel our very best on our special day, so choosing the right Hair & Make-up artist for you is most certainly a must!

Social media is one of the best ways to find your bridal Hair and Make-up artist. A good Hair and Make-up artist will display all their past work and be able to create a number of different styles flawlessly - this will give you a feel of the artists work style.  You should find a large collection of images for you to view with a wide variety of different styles. You may even find your perfect bridal style! You will also be able to take a look at their reviews and read about them. If you like the look of their work, reviews and the sound of them then the next step is to make contact with them via telephone, email or arrange an online video consultation. You can then arrange a date for your bridal hair and make-up trial. 

Woodland Wedding

There's something magical and so very romantic about a woodland wedding that I love. It makes me feel like I'm in another world when I view all of the beautiful woodland wedding images online, they are just truly breath taking.  You too can create those beautiful images for your wedding and the options to turn all that stunning outdoor space in to whatever you want are endless .. its nature and its all around us.

Wedding Hair Trends 2020/2021

When the time comes to decide how you're having your hair and make-up, you don't want to get it wrong.
You want to feel comfortable in the style you have chosen and confident from within.

Keeping Your Hopes & Dreams Alive

I write this on Tuesday 14th April 2020, with tears in my eyes. We have been in lock down for 21 days due to Covid-19, a nation wide pandemic that is causing us to live in a world that we have never known.

Wedding Gifts or Money Contribution?

The average cost for a wedding in 2019 in the UK was roughly £30000...wow! now that's a lot of money to pay out for one day, right? Not a problem if you have the money, but what if you haven't. This is going to be one of the most important, magical and memorable days of your life and you want everything to be perfect. So, how do couples afford to pay for their wedding?

The 2020 Vintage Inspired Bridal Gowns

Now we are all settling into the new year I thought it was the right time to share with you the new 2020 Eliza Jane Howell vintage inspired bridal gown designs!

The Fairytale Jewellery Collection

Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK are delighted to announce the recent launch of the SAVICKI jewellery brand here in the UK.

The Wedding Invitations

Once the wedding invitations have been sent out you know that your special day is getting closer, this is it, you really are getting married!

Remembering Your Loved Ones On Your Wedding Day

Planning your wedding will be exciting, fun and a challenge at times! You know exactly how you vision your day, your dress, hair, the cake, venue styling etc. So many different decisions to make.

The Bucking Fizz!

Mobile bars are becoming an extremely popular addition for weddings. They look amazing and can really give your wedding day that wow factor.

Bridal Hair Accessories

Choosing your bridal hair accessory is another important decision you will need to make. 

Marquee Weddings

I just love a marquee wedding. There is just something so special. I think a marquee wedding sets the tone for a magical

The Honeymoon

The Honeymoon is something that the bride and groom really looks forward to. It will give you both time to unwind after your wedding and is a well deserved break that you will both need together.

Italy Destination Wedding

For some couples their dream of a destination  wedding never becomes reality. The reason is that some couples just don't know where to

The Wedding Guitarist

Most couples want a wedding that is unique. So, when it comes to choosing their wedding music they don't want to get it wrong.

Memories Of Your Wedding Day

Memories are something that we all hold on to in our mind. Storing so many different memories of the good times, the happy or even the sad. The mind is truly a wonderful thing!.

The Bride's Speech

The groom, the bride's father and the best mans speech is one that all the guests look forward to hearing and always seem to be remembered.  So, why not throw in a brides speech too and give your wedding guests a surprise, after all, it is your wedding too!

2019 Vintage Inspired Bridal Gowns!

If you are planning a vintage themed wedding then your going to need your vintage style bridal gown too.  There is something I just love about vintage style bridal gowns, they make

The perfect Fairytale Wedding Venue!

A countryside wedding is what you have always dreamt of, you just haven't found the venue yet. Read on, I may of just found it for you!

Wedding Music

We all know that having music at your wedding is a must. We hear music daily to wake us up in the morning, in the car on the way to work, on the TV, for relaxation etc.

2019 Hottest Wedding Trends!

For all you 2019 brides to be, I have put together some of the must haves for your special day!

Wedding Flowers

Your wedding flowers play a big part of your wedding. Helping you to transform and create a beautiful setting, matching your colour and wedding theme and your personality.  Choosing your wedding flowers is another exciting part of your planning but can be a difficult one. There are so

The Hen Party!

The hen party is something that us girls discuss before we have even met the man of our dreams!. It is another part of the wedding planning that's exciting, fun, an excuse to really let our hair down and have a right girly night, day out or even weekend away.

Choosing Your Wedding Planner!

You have decided to get some help with planning your wedding and your not quite sure where to start. Planning a wedding can be hard work, stressful and will require

City Wedding Venue

If you love the city vibe, the hustle and bustle, the glamour, the stylish modern hotels and buildings then a city wedding may be just for

The Groom's Outfit

Here is a post for all the grooms!. I thought it was about time to give them some tips and advice and help them out too. We don't want them feeling left out now do we! Of course the groom's outfit is just as important as the bride's dress and the groom wants to feel and look his best on his wedding day.

The Mother of the Bride & Groom outfits!

It's such an exciting time for you, your husband to be and all the family, everyone just loves a wedding and for the Mum's this is a very special time and they want to look their best! Your Mum's I expect are so excited and just can not wait to get their outfits, before they do it's time to give them all the information they need to know.
  Time to talk!

The Bridesmaids!

When you and your husband to be have finally set a date for your wedding it's time to pop the question to your bridesmaids to be! Or is it?

Eco Friendly Wedding!

I had the pleasure of getting to know Sinem from B&D Wedding Event Planning.  Sinem loves the art of brainstorming, crafting and telling a story when designing a wedding event. I asked her what advice she could give a bride that wants a eco friendly wedding, here is the fantastic advice she gave!

Capture all the happy memories of your guests on your wedding day!

Wedding Cake Inspiration!

Talented and creative bakers are designing wedding cakes all over the world that I can only describe as magnificent works of art!

Bridal Makeup!

I think we all deserve some pampering on our wedding day and makeup can give us that little boost to make us feel confident, beautiful and it finishes off our wedding day look!

The Wedding Rings!

Wedding ring shopping is so exciting!
 I just love this part, It gives you and your partner some fun time together. I would recommend buying your rings about 3-5 months prior to your wedding day, this gives you plenty of time to

The Wedding Shoes!

One of my favourite parts of planning a Wedding is choosing the Shoes, us girls love Shoes and when the day comes that we can choose our Wedding Shoes we can finally get those princess shoes that we all dreamt of when we were little, see some dreams do come true!

5 Things To Discuss When You're Newly Engaged! By My Guest Blogger Guides For Brides

5 Things To Discuss When You're Newly Engaged

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Before you start to pin wedding dress pictures or visit venues, it’s important to sit down with your other half to discuss a few important issues. When wedding planning, you need to be on the same page and working towards the same vision, so Guides for Brides have listed the top five things to discuss before you put any money down...

The Dress

Choosing the perfect fairytale dress can be stressful! The good news is there are thousands of them to choose from, so eventually you will find the one. I've been married twice, yes twice! and I know first

The Guest List

Sit down together and make a list of the family and friends you’d like at the service, again there is loads of print off guest lists online, choose who you’d like to be there on the

The Wedding Budget

Money is never a good subject to talk about in a relationship but unfortunately it's a must when planing your big day and should be the first thing on your list.

The Fairytale Jewellery Collection

Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK are delighted to announce the recent launch of the SAVICKI jewellery brand here in the UK.