Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK: The Wedding Invitations

The Wedding Invitations

Once the wedding invitations have been sent out you know that your special day is getting closer, this is it, you really are getting married!

By now you would of chosen your venue, the dress and all the planning and preparations are coming together. 
Many couples wonder when do they send out their invitations, how should they word the invitations and what should I include in my invitations. Through experience, this is what I advise.

Wedding Stationery by Celebration Wishes
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When should I send my invitations?

I would advise you to send out your invitations 3-4 months before your wedding. I wouldn't recommend any earlier as people tend not to reply straight away. They think they have plenty of time to send the RSVP and then end up losing the invitation, this then leads to a late reply and you have to chase guests at the last minute.  You will get a much better RSVP response by doing it this way.

Save the date cards

Save the date cards are another option, which has become very popular and I think they are a great idea. You can then let your guests know the date of your wedding well in advance. This will give your guests a chance to clear their calendars, make necessary travel arrangements, and plan around your wedding date. If you are sending out save the date cards then I would recommend you send them 6-7 months before the wedding,  then your invitations  8-12 weeks before the wedding.

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What wording do I put in my invitation?

It has always been a tradition to add the names of the bride's parents at the top of your invitation. Of course, times have changed and couples are choosing their own wording,  making their invites more personal and unique.

Traditional wording
  'request the pleasure of your company'

Modern wording
'Join us to celebrate'

You can add both sets of parents,  you with both sets of parents, a single parent or maybe you will be hosting your own wedding. Myself and my husband hosted our own wedding and so added our names, with traditional wording saying 'we request the pleasure of your company at our marriage' followed by the date, time, Church, Venue, directions, accommodation recommendations and of course the very important RSVP.

I would advise that you add a deadline for your RSVP date, say around 4-5 weeks before your wedding. You need to be sure that you have enough time for a full headcount, otherwise you may have guests letting you down too close to the date. This will also give you enough time to let your suppliers know the exact and final number of guests. Being let down at the last minute or guest not turning up, could also leave you out of pocket. It happened me! So don't be afraid to send out a reminder text message, email or phone call on the cut-off date. If still no reply then it's their loss.

Are you having a dress code?

 State on your invitations if there is a dress code, this will give your guests enough time to organise their outfits.

Do you have a wedding gift list?

Include a card with your gift list and instructions. Maybe you have decided on a honeymoon gift contribution. If so then include your online platform address (if you have one)

Will you be having children at your wedding?

 Be sure to clearly write the guest's names and if children are invited, write their names too! If children are invited then it is really important to write their names on the invitation too, then the guests know exactly who is invited.
 If only your relatives children are invited then you could add a note to your friends saying 'As much as we would love to invite our friend's children, unfortunately, it is only possible to accommodate children of close family'
  If you have decided to have no children at all then saying something along the lines of  'As much as we love your children we have decided that we would like our special day to be an adults-only occasion'
I believe that honesty is the best policy. Remember this is your special day and your guests should respect your wishes. I am sure that some parents will be delighted that they can have a day off, relax and enjoy your special day!

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