Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK: The Dress

The Dress

Choosing the perfect fairytale dress can be stressful! The good news is there are thousands of them to choose from, so eventually you will find the one. I've been married twice, so have have lots of experience. 
The first time was a lot more stressful than the second, the first time everything was rushed. There's nothing worse than panicking at the last minute to find your perfect wedding dress, which is why after you have finished doing your wedding budget I advise you that the next step should be finding your dress. 

Through experience I believe the first and most important is finding your dress, not only will it take a huge amount of stress away it will also get you feeling excited and gives your mind free space to then concentrate of the rest of your wedding planning.

There are so many different ways you can find your perfect dress but I believe the best way is going to your local bridal gown shop and trying them on first. 
We normally want a certain style and shape to our dress but once we try on the dress that we have always wanted, that vision vanishes! Most of the time we end up choosing a dress that is completely different, crazy but true, I have heard it so many times.

As I said there are thousands of dresses, different styles, shapes, sizes, some with beading, crystals, lace, silk, short, flowing, big, etc.. the list goes on and on. Once you have had a fitting and tried on lots of different dresses you will know which style dress suits you best and what you feel most comfortable in.

Bring along Mum, a very close friend or both with you to the fitting. I say one very close friend as taking along too many friends could be a disaster! Everyone has their idea of how they think a bride should look, and that idea is normally how they want to look, they mean well but when you have ten friends shouting at you, all with different opinions and your standing there with what you think is your perfect dress, its break down time! We definitely don't want or need that.

If you feel you really have found your perfect dress and your happy not to try anymore on or look in anymore bridal gown shops then great, go for it and put a deposit down to hold your dress. Most bridal shops allow you to do this.

Only you know if this is the dress for you and believe me you will know. Your dress will make you feel amazing!

So, you have found the perfect dress, it fits perfect, the shapes perfect, the Style is perfect, you feel amazing and you give a big sigh of relief. It really is such a great feeling! 

Now its time to get on with the rest of your wedding planning.
Don't worry if you have not found your perfect dress yet, you will probably know what style dress you want by now so that's great. Now its time to start searching online and finding a bridal gown shop that stocks your style dress. There is so many fantastic shops that stock many different designers and styles so don't panic, you will find your dream dress!

The Fairytale Jewellery Collection

Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK is delighted to announce the recent launch of the SAVICKI jewellery brand here in the UK.