Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK: Wedding Hair Trends 2020/2021

Wedding Hair Trends 2020/2021

When the time comes to decide how you're having your hair and make-up, you don't want to get it wrong.
You want to feel comfortable in the style you have chosen and confident from within.

There are a few things that you should take into consideration when making your style decision, such as your overall wedding day theme/style, do you normally wear much make-up and do you normally wear your hair up or down. Obviously there are other things to consider such as your skin tone and whether your hair is short or long - this will determine which style you can choose and that suits you best.

Choosing the right bridal hair and make-up for your special day will make you feel amazingly confident and will help you to look and feel your very best...that's the aim.

If you are a bride-to-be that doesn't normally wear much make-up then choosing to wear too much make-up on your special day is not a good idea. You will feel too different, and it will make you feel uncomfortable and unconfident. This is not what we want. Your make-up needs to look natural,  but enough to give you that extra confidence and will compliment your overall bridal look.

It's the same with your hair. Maybe you always wear your hair down, it makes you feel more confident and more importantly, it's you. So choosing an up-do style is something that you don't want to do. There are so many gorgeous bridal hairstyles to choose from and obviously depending on your wedding style/theme will determine what styles you can choose from. Your bridal hairstylist will be able to talk you through all the different styles and you can also look online for inspiration. Download a few of the styles you like and show them to your stylist when you have your bridal hair trial. 

Your husband/wife-to-be loves you for you, the person inside. Could you imagine him/her turning round at the aisle to see that you look completely different...now that would be a bit of a shock, so try and go for a style that suits you and your personality. It should work exactly the same when choosing your wedding dress.

I would advise you to have a Hair and Make-up artist on your wedding day. They will be able to offer you a trial or two before your special day and talk you through all the amazing bridal hairstyles and make-up that will suit you and your overall bridal look.

Laura Timms is one of our amazingly talented, creative and award-winning Hair and Make-up artists. She has kindly wrote a piece all about the latest bridal hair looks and trends.

My names Laura and I've been a Hair Dresser and Make-up artist for the past 15 years.

I specialise in Bridal hair and makeup and I have won several awards over the years for my bridal hair creations.

This last season I have seen flower crowns being used by brides rather than decorative hair items and veils, they look amazing and come in different sizes, and styles.

Hair veins are also becoming very popular and they can be worked in to any hairstyle and add to any look you choose.

What ever look you do choose for your bridal hair, your stylist will be able to adapt it to ensure any decorative hair items will stay in place and hide any slides or clips, this is so you only see the bit you want to see.

Veils are coming back in to the bridal world and I have noticed almost all my 2019 brides wanting to take their veils out after their photos. Again your bridal hair stylist should be able to make your hair structured enough so it withstands having your veil put in and again removed without disturbing your hairstyle.

The Chignon

You can have it as a knotted bun or a bit more relaxed as a classic chignon.   

This style is simple, yet classy and romantic and seems to be very much in bridal magazines and on the bridal catwalks this year.

French twist / roll

I still get some brides asking for a a french roll and they do still look amazing especially when
teamed up with a classic bridal gown or a vintage statement dress.

I have seen on the catwalk a more modern take on the French roll and it seems to of gone down well with brides-to-be

It is paired with volume and texture but still holds that classic feel.

Soft & Structured

I'm a firm believer that bridal hair needs to have some structure to last the day and to withstand veils , dancing and copious amounts of hugs off your guests.

This style is detailed yet still soft and full.


Braids have been huge in the bridal world for a good few years now and they are not going anywhere.

So many braids can be used in bridal hair and look so effective, fish tail and dutch braids can be pulled out to add texture and really add to that modern romantic look.


This style seems to be so popular with weddings on a beach or rustic barns - This style is much more relaxed than others.

It looks effortless, but you do need that professional touch to ensure it stays in and stands the test of the day.

You can click on the image below and make enquiry to see if Laura is available for your special day!

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