Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK: The Bride's Speech

The Bride's Speech

The groom, the bride's father and the best mans speech is one that all the guests look forward to hearing and always seem to be remembered.  So, why not throw in a brides speech too and give your wedding guests a surprise, after all, it is your wedding too!

It has never been a tradition for the bride to do a speech at her wedding. Times are changing and nowadays traditions are being challenged by the modern day couple and I love it! Couples are now creating weddings that are unique to them and having weddings the way they want. We all want our weddings to be unique to us and if Meghan Markle is breaking the tradition, then why not all of us brides too!.

It could be that the groom is not comfortable with public speaking and may only want to say a few words. When his bride who loves public speaking gets a chance to get up on her wedding day and give a speech it takes the pressure off the groom.  It could be that you both really want to give a separate speech, as it means a lot to both of you to personally thank all the people that have made your day so special and complete. Maybe you both want to do a speech together, and why not? This would be great as you can both rehearse together and give each other support. There is no law book stating what you can and what you can not do at your wedding and if there is something that you and your partner want to do then do it, otherwise you will only regret it.  This is going to be one of the most happiest and special days of your life, so do it your way.
I have even heard of couples taking the beat to their favourite song and rapping their speech, this is great and if you like this idea then go for it. This of course is not everybody's cup of tea and I don't think it would be mine. I think I would be too nervous to go as far as this! Lol.

So, if you're a bride that has decided to do a speech on one of the most important, special and memorable days of your life then good for you, you go for it!  I promise your guests will love hearing your side of the story, especially your husband and after you've finished you will feel fab. Below I have put together some tips that I hope will help you.

  • Be sincere and speak from your heart - letting your guests know that what you are saying is what you really mean. This is important as you too will find it easier to say when it is coming from your heart. It will flow easier.
  • Talk to your husband -  You need to know what each of you are going to include in your speeches, you don't want to be repeating the same thing. 
  • Ask your bridesmaids for help - Let them listen to your speech and get their feed back. You can always rely on your girls for their honest opinions.
  • Record yourself on your phone - It is important to know how your speech sounds. Reading out loud can sound completely different to what reads well. Practice makes perfect and it will also give you more confidence knowing that you have read this many times to get it just right. Preparation is the key and is at the heart to giving a good speech. Remember your guests are on your side and are wanting to listen to what you have to say.
  • The length of your speech -This is important! Have you ever been to a wedding and the best mans speech goes on and on and on. Well, I have and its not good! especially when people start looking at their watches and rolling their eyes. It sounds awful but I'm going to say it.. it really is so boring, sitting there and thinking please just hurry up! So please, please don't make it too long, say about 5 -10 minutes max. There should be a start, middle and end. Don't drag out a story, get to the point quick then move on. You can time your speech when you record yourself on your phone.
  • Opening your speech with a joke - This is always a good start. It will help to loosen you up, calm your nerves and get your guests laughing. 
  • Thanking your guests - Let guests know how much you appreciate them attending your wedding day and celebrating with you. How they have made it so special and of course you should also thank them for their generous gifts.
  • Thanking the bridesmaids - Thanking them for all the help and support they have given you during the planning of your wedding. You may of known your bridesmaids for many years or even grown up with them. I am sure you hold many special memories together  that you could share with your guests. True friends will always be there for you throughout your life and being able to have them there on your wedding day and for them to see your happiness will be very special and emotional for you all. You could even mention a funny moment that happened at your hen party, get the guests laughing. If you have flower girls and page boys you should also mention them too. Children can bring so much joy to your day so letting them know how much they are appreciated will make them feel happy and special.
  • Thanking your parents - Let them know how grateful you are for their continued support, not just through out your wedding planning but through your entire life. Maybe their marriage has inspired you and so you could mention this. Letting them know that you still need their continued support will make them feel happy. This is a big day for them too, you are their daughter and they will always want to be a big part of your new life with your husband. 
  • Remembering those that have passed away - this can be difficult. You may have decided not to mention your loved one that has passed away as it can make you feel too emotional. The last thing you want to do is break down during your wedding speech. For some couple's they feel as though it is a must that they are mentioned and that's fine, its completely up to you. If you do want your loved one to be mentioned but are worried that you will get too emotional then you could always ask your husband, father or the best man to mention them. Unfortunately my Mum could not be there on my wedding day and I had decided not to mention her. Believe me she was thought of constantly throughout the day and I wished so much that she could of been there to share this special moment in my life.  I didn't want to be upset on my wedding day and so I visioned her watching down on us, that was enough for me.
  • The groom - Well you must mention your groom! Tell your guests all about when you first met and the reasons why you love him. Tell your guests about a silly moment that you have both shared to together.

Above all of this, relax, have fun and be yourself. The day is going to go so fast so take it all in and enjoy every single moment. You're going to do just great!

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