Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK: The Wedding Shoes!

The Wedding Shoes!

One of my favourite parts of planning a Wedding is choosing the Shoes, us girls love Shoes and when the day comes that we can choose our Wedding Shoes we can finally get those princess shoes that we all dreamt of when we were little, see some dreams do come true!

So many brides are getting more adventurous when choosing their Wedding Shoes and colour is becoming very popular indeed. Blue, Blushed pinks, Mint and Aqua are all popular colours.  The Rainbow Club who have been designing, making and colouring handmade satin Wedding Shoes since 1986 offer a free and special service where they hand dye your wedding shoes, new or old to any colour you desire, how fab is that!. Your new shoes will be hand coloured by one of their specialist colour techincians and be delivered straight to your door. Here are just some of the Wedding Shoe designs available from the Rainbow Club.

 If you have decided to go for Shoes with colour then the good news is you will be able to wear them after your Wedding too!

 If you have decided that you want your Shoes to match your dress then they need to be an exact match or otherwise they will just stand out and not look right. If you have decided not to match the Shoes with your Wedding Dress then you can go for something completely different. Obviously depending on your wedding theme will also determine the style of Shoe you will choose.

My Wedding Dress was Vintage style which had crystal detailing sewn on. My Wedding Shoes were plain satin with a peep toe and of course Vintage style to match my dress. I had decided to go for a plain Shoe as my dress had many crystals and beading and i wanted to keep the focus on my dress. If I had chosen a dress that was plain then I would of had more detailing on my Shoes.  Knowing that I was going to be on my feet for most of the day I had decided that I didn't want the heels to be too high as I am not good in heels for too long, so I decided to go for a 3 inch heel which gave me Just enough height and I felt comfortable. If you are not used to walking around in heels then I would advise you to go no higher than a 3 inch size heel, its going to be a long day and you will want to feel comfortable. Wear your shoes in before your big day, I'm not saying go out shopping in, well I suppose you could although you may get a few strange stares! no seriously, Just wear them around the house, we all know when we get new shoes it can take a while for our feet to  adjust to them. Maybe investing in some super soft insoles would help with the comfort issues.
Another point to consider is the detailing design of your Shoes, if your Wedding dress is below your ankles and you have chosen Shoes with lots of detailing such as beading and crystals you have the risk of your dress fabric catching on your Shoes, you don't want any holes in your beautiful dress and crystals and beading dropping off those beautiful Shoes! a good tip is when you have your dress fitting wear some shoes that are going to be the same size heels as the Shoes you will be choosing for your Wedding day, Just make sure when you do buy your Shoes you stick to that size heel.

If your wearing Jewellery on your Wedding
day (some brides do decided not to) you could also try matching your Shoes up with your Jewellery. For example,  if you have Rose gold Jewellery then choosing Shoes with hints of Rose Gold, or you could go full Rose Gold Shoes. The same for silver and yellow Gold, it really will set your dress off. There are also some amazing metallic shades that are popular too and they would go great with your Jewellery.

If your going for the Boho Wedding theme and your having the gorgeous flower pieces in your hair then why not go for flower detailing on your Shoes! This looks fabulous and really sets your Boho themed Wedding off. You can also get flower Shoe clips for your Shoes too, that's a great option if you find a style Shoe that looks a bit plain, you can add a shoe clip and voila you have the style Shoe that you love and the detailing that you adore!

Take a look below at the Wedding Shoe trends which are available from Lace & Favour.
I do hope they give you some Wedding shoe inspiration!


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