Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK: 2019 Vintage Inspired Bridal Gowns!

2019 Vintage Inspired Bridal Gowns!

If you are planning a vintage themed wedding then your going to need your vintage style bridal gown too.  There is something I just love about vintage style bridal gowns, they make
my jaw drop every time I see one!. Maybe it's the glamour, the creativity, the uniqueness or just my love for vintage. There really is just something so special.

If you are a lover of vintage like myself, then there will be an era that stands out for you. Maybe its the 1920's, 30's, 40's, 50's or even the 80's!. For me it's the 1930's, the decade that I think honoured femininity and sophistication. Full of the old Hollywood glamour and of course elegance that I think made every woman feel like a princess to stand out from the crowd.
I believe there is a vintage style gown out there for every bride.
Maybe your Mother, Grandmother or relative is passing on their wedding gown to you, or perhaps you want a modern gown design that has been inspired by the era that you love. The idea of wearing a authentic vintage wedding gown really is lovely and if you can manage to get your hands on a gown that you love, fits you and is from the era of your choice, then snap it up!
There are many bridal boutiques that specialise in authentic vintage bridal gowns now and they have become very popular. You can do a search online to find a shop near you. Charity shops are also another option and the cost can be a lot less. Sometimes though it can be hard to find the perfect bridal gown you love in the era of your choice or even finding the right size.
 The other option is the modern vintage inspired bridal gown. Yes, you will most likely pay more but if you can take away the stress and worry of finding your authentic vintage wedding gown and have a much larger choice of dresses all under one roof then paying that bit more for the dress of your dreams will not matter. There are many bridal boutiques that stock vintage inspired bridal gown designers  and for sure there will be a designer that will have the bridal gown of your dreams, in your budget.
Many brides choose the modern vintage inspired bridal gown as it is a lot less stressful.  Book your appointment for your dress fitting, you choose the gown  you love, the stylists measure you and then set to work on the gown of your dreams. Of course any extra detailing you would like, you can have. Making your bridal gown unique to you.

Eliza Jane Howell has got to be one of my favourite bridal dress designs and I think one of the very best. Beautiful, luxurious vintage inspired gowns that have such sophistication, elegance and class. Oh, they are so beautiful and yes my jaw is dropping girls!

If you are looking for a vintage inspired bridal dress for your wedding day then I promise you The Eliza Jane Howell designs will not disappoint you and will make you feel like the true fairytale princess you have always dreamt of on your special day.

Eliza Jane Howell bridal gowns are designed by renowned fashion designer Gill Harvey.

Gill Harvey graduated from the Royal College of Art in London and then went on to gain her first international success with her Medici knitwear collections. 
Evening wear, red carpet collections and occasion wear were soon to follow as another success. 
It was in 2012 that Eliza Jane Howell was launched, followed by the Gill Harvey collection in 2013.
Gill Harvey for Eliza Jane Howell was voted the best bridal dress designer in the first ever UK wedding awards in 2016 and in addition won the best British bridal designer in the British wedding awards.
For the second year running in 2017 Eliza Jane Howell won again the best bridal designer in the UK wedding awards. You can see by her designs why.

The detailing that goes into Gill Harvey's dresses are purely a work of art. It takes time, skill and patience. You can be assured that your dress has been given all the love and attention to make you feel like a princess, knowing that your dress is unique to you.

Each dress is indivually made by combining exquisite traditional and modern beading techniques and patterns.

All gowns are hand beaded and sometimes come with extra embellishments of embroidery.

The blend of old and new is what makes the Eliza Jane Howell dresses so unique and a heirloom piece to be passed on for generations.  

Gill Harvey has kindly shared just some of her 2019 Eliza Jane Howell designs with me, for me to share with you. I am sure you will agree  that her designs are absolutely stunning!

Please click on Eliza Jane Howell designs to be directed to their website.

All images are copyright of Eliza Jane Howell 

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