Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK: Memories Of Your Wedding Day

Memories Of Your Wedding Day

Memories are something that we all hold on to in our mind. Storing so many different memories of the good times, the happy or even the sad. The mind is truly a wonderful thing!.

Of course we can not hold on to all of those memories. Unfortunately our minds forget certain parts and sometimes those certain parts are some of the most precious.

The one day that you will never forget and always remember, is your wedding day. This will be one of the most happiest, important  and magical days of your life.
Your day is going to be busy from the very start, from the minute you wake until your day is sadly over. Although it's a long day it will fly by, believe me!. So much will be happening throughout your special day that you can not possibly remember every precious moment.  This is one of the reasons we all have a wedding photographer. They capture all of our memories for us to look back on for the years to come.

When I look back and think of all the special memories of my wedding day I really do feel emotional, It was such a perfect day. I sometimes look back on our photographs and try re-living it all over again. Everyone was so happy and yes you can see that in the photographs. I remember getting ready on the morning, I was feeling so excited and wasn't a bit nervous you know, well that was up until it was time to walk down the aisle! Lol.
All of our family, friends and sadly relatives that have now sadly passed away were there. Everyone that we wanted to be there, was there, together to share one of the happiest and most special days of our life.  I can remember there faces, there was so much happiness. Weddings hold so many special moments and It's not very often that you get all of your family and friends together in the same place at the same time to make them special memories together.

There is one thing that I do regret. It's wonderful having all my happy and special memories and being able to look back on all of our fabulous photographs, they are what help me to keep my memories alive as the years go by. The question that I often ask myself is, 'what if we had filmed our wedding day?' and the answer is always the same old answer,  'I wish so much that we had'.

To be honest it was something that I had never thought about when planning our wedding. Yes I thought about the photographer, that was a must have!.  I don't think a lot of couples do think about having a videographer, have you?.  I wish I could go back in time and a videographer would of been a must have for our wedding.  It really makes me feel sad that we didn't.
This is one of the reasons why I am writing this post, I don't want any of you brides to be to look back and regret not having your wedding day filmed just like me.

I would love to be able to watch our wedding film and be able to see the reactions of family and friends that we possibly would of missed on the day,  be able to show my children and even friends and family that unfortunately could not make it to our wedding. I think having your wedding day filmed is so special, it tells part of the story of your life, of your wedding day. 

I've been doing some research on wedding videographer's that I wanted to share with you. I want to show you how a videographer works and what an amazing job they do.

A videographer tells the story of your wedding day, filming from the start of your day until the end, of course that is if you wish them too. You may just want them to start filming from the ceremony up until the first dance, this is entirely up to you.
A videographer captures those memories, the reactions and sounds that we may forget or that we have no recollection of, on the day.
Words spoken, reactions, the arrival of the bride and groom, bridesmaids, the speeches, the first dance, etc.

Cameras, lenses, tripods etc can cost thousands of pounds.  On top of all of that they have insurance costs, travel costs, hours of filming carrying around cameras, tripods etc throughout the day. Of course they need to make sure that every special moment of your day is captured to be able to deliver your perfect film. Their work is still not complete after they finish their long day of filming.  Once they finally arrive home they then have hours of editing to make sure that your special memories are safe to create a wedding film that is unique to you.

So, can you really put a price on your memories?

When you think about the amount of hours and hard work that a videographer puts into making your wedding film then the answer to the above questions is a big fat no!. They work so hard and have such an important job that I think they are worth every penny. Your wedding film and your photographs will be the one thing you can actually take away from your day to keep and cherish forever.

I always say if you shop around then what ever it is you are looking for you will find to fit your budget. We all have budgets don't we, well unless we are multi millionaires!. Now that would be fun, wouldn't it!.
The costs for a videographer can range from £600 - £2000 . This will also depend on what area you live. I am sure you could get it a lot cheaper but I would not recommend it. Make sure you know exactly what you are getting for your money.

Do your research when choosing any wedding supplier. Look for reviews or even better, go for one that has been recommended. All of Fairytale Wedding suppliers in the UK are chosen suppliers that are highly recommended and we know that they all really do have a passion to make your wedding day a truly special and memorable occasion. We have some amazing wedding photographers, please do take a look.

Creative Bungalow

Meet Tom Zanelli, a videographer from Creative Bungalow who has had years of experience in documenting weddings. Tom will capture every beautiful moment from your special day and yes he is one of Fairytale Wedding Suppliers in the UK.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Tom and here is what he had to say.

'As a film maker, I shoot a wide variety of content from music videos, corporate pieces and events but my absolute favourite is capturing weddings. I have a real passion working with couples to create beautiful, memorable and affordable films that they can enjoy for a lifetime. 
Weddings are always such an amazing occasion and its always a pleasure and a privilege to play my part in someones special day.
I am currently planning my own wedding for October 2020 and I know hoe important it is to work with the right suppliers and that is exactly what I like to feel I offer.'

I can highly recommend Tom's work, he is a very talented videographer and he would love to be part of your wedding day.

 Click on Toms link below to view his work and get in touch to see if he is available for your special day!

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