Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK: The Honeymoon

The Honeymoon

The Honeymoon is something that the bride and groom really looks forward to. It will give you both time to unwind after your wedding and is a well deserved break that you will both need together.

You most likely have an idea of what sort of honeymoon you want. Maybe it's a beach honeymoon in Mexico, the Maldives or the Caribbean for a truly relaxing break.

For a cruise honeymoon travelling round some of the most beautiful destinations of the world is a dream holiday for some couples, stopping off and exploring so many different sites.
New York is amazing for a city honeymoon. You can visit the Empire State building and go on shopping trips at some of the fantastic shops they have on Fifth Avenue. New York has some amazing places to visit and you won't be disappointed sampling all of the gorgeous food menus in the many different restaurants.

 For Some couples a relaxing beach wedding is a no no and they just want something that's worthy of ticking off on their bucket list!
An adventure holiday, yay!! Maybe an African Safari, Skiing, rock climbing etc.

New Zealand which I think is one of the most stunning destinations in the world has so many beautiful and breath taking places to explore. Mount Cook National Park is an amazing place to hike and is home to the highest mountain in New Zealand. There you will find trails to the Mueller Hut and Hooker Valley. You definitely won't be stuck for things to do.
 What ever you decided to do, your going to have some amazing photos to look back on. It's such an exciting time for you both!

I would advise you to make your honeymoon budget separate to your wedding budget. Many couples tend to add their honeymoon budget in with their wedding budget and as you know sometimes things don't go to plan and we end up spending more, then to find your honeymoon budget will get less and less. Some couples find funding a honeymoon after the expense of a wedding almost impossible!. If this is the case and you have your heart set on a certain destination then you do have another option. That option is asking your wedding guests for a honeymoon contribution instead of wedding gifts. This is getting more and more popular as some couples already have been living together for a while until they tie the knot and have everything they need. Choosing a honeymoon contribution would be the perfect gift for them. You don't have to go on your honey straight away like you see in movies. Some couples leave it for a month or two, and so you have time then to book with your honeymoon contribution gifts. I think this is a fantastic idea.

If you have the funds for your honeymoon ready at the start of your wedding planning then I would advise you to book up as soon as possible, once you have your venue booked is a good time. The sooner you book the better as you will get some of the best deals, plus it's another stress and worry taken away. It will be something you can really look forward at the end of all the wedding planning and preparations you have made for your special day.
I would also recommend you use a travel agent that specialises in planning honeymoons.

Dream Voyage specialise in planning weddings and honeymoons abroad and is a trusted highly recommended supplier for Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK.
Dream Voyage will take away all the stress of planning your honeymoon by doing all the planning for you. They save you time by doing all the research and planning and have the knowledge of all the insider discounts and offers that will be available for you.
Dream Voyage knows that planning your wedding can be hard work and so want to take all the stress away of planning your honeymoon.
You will have your own personal travel expert, who will use their knowledge and expertise to create a bespoke holiday that you will love, leaving you with the most special memories to look back on for the years to come.
They also offer The Honeymoon Gift List! This is an excellent service as you can invite your family and friends to contribute towards the cost of your honeymoon.

How does The Honeymoon Gift List Work?

Once you have chosen your dream destination, you can open your gift list and you will have access to your very own honeymoon page online.

Share your website with friends and family. There, they can make contributions towards the cost of your honeymoon – and you can keep an eye on progress.

…then jet off on your dream honeymoon, all paid for by your guests. Any extra money that’s contributed can go towards another holiday or some extra spending money.

How amazing is this!

Click on Dream Voyage link for If you would like to get intouch and start planning your honeymoon or wedding!

 Book with confidence knowing that Dream Voyage is a member of the ABTA which means you have the benefit of ABTA'S assistance and code of conduct. they provide finacial protectection for your money.

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