Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK: Remembering Your Loved Ones On Your Wedding Day

Remembering Your Loved Ones On Your Wedding Day

Planning your wedding will be exciting, fun, and a challenge at times! You know exactly how you vision your day, your dress, hair, the cake, venue styling, etc. So many different decisions to make.

One of the most important decisions will be your wedding guest list. All your friends and family that you want to be there to celebrate your special day. For some of us, this can also be a very emotional time. Maybe a loved one that should be with you on your special day to celebrate is no longer with you. You want them to be part of your day, but your not sure how to do this.

I hear so many brides-to-be talk about their loved ones that have passed when planning their wedding. Knowing that their loved one that has passed can physically not be with them but wondering how they can make them part of their special day. For comfort, to honor, in memory and respect.

Memories will live on, in our hearts and mind.
Your wedding day is without a doubt going to be one of the most important days of your life and one that will stay in your memory for a lifetime. You want all the memories to be perfect memories of your day. Through planning and organising you can make that happen, so your day will run smoothly and exactly how you want it to be. Most importantly keeping the memories of your loved ones alive on your day.

 Emotions run high when someone close to us is no longer with us, that should be there to witness your marriage and be part of your special day.
There are certain things that you can do to make it a little easier and to make you feel like they are included.

I had many family members that I wished that could of been with me to celebrate our marriage, such as my Mum and grandparents.
I believe that when a loved one has passed that they will always be in spirit to watch over us. We are all different and need and want different things. For me this was enough, for others they need more and that is absolutely fine.
 I married on very hot summer's day, the 29th July 2012. I woke up to a beautiful blue sky and the sun shining bright, the weather forecast was perfect! What I didn't expect was rain. Yes,  just before I was about to walk down the aisle the heavens opened! It was crazy, I'd never seen anything like it. Luckily for me I was getting married inside my venue so didn't have to go outside. It rained all through my ceremony, I'm not kidding. Funny thing was I didn't even worry about it, I was just so happy. As soon as we had tied the knot, it was time to go outside for our photographs in the beautiful grounds of our venue. The rain had stopped! The sun was beaming and our photographs were perfect! My little Irish Nana would tell me 'Rain is a sign of happiness you know' I would laugh and say 'happiness! Are you mad, it's rain' this was something she had told me from a young age. Unfortunately my Nana couldn't be their on our special day, but she sure showed me in other ways that she was there in spirit.

It's only natural that you would want your loved one to be part of your day, so let's look at the small things we can do to honour your loved one and help you to feel that they are still going to be part of your day.


Creating a beautiful table with photographs of your loved one. Add some pretty lighting, their favourite flowers etc. A photograph is worth a thousand words.


Reserve your loved one a seat during your ceremony. Place a framed photograph of them and some beautiful flowers, note or poem etc.


You can purchase beautiful photograph charms that you pin to your bouquet or can hold. For some brides this is a real comfort knowing that as you are walking down the isle your loved one is close to you.


Saying a few words about your loved one either during the speeches or at your evening reception is a special way to honour your loved one. This maybe hard for you to do, so maybe you could ask the best man or maid of honour to say this on behalf of you.


Incorporate your loved ones favourite flower by adding it to your bouquet, table centre pieces, etc. You could also display your loved ones favourite flowers on a table before your ceremony. Add a displayed sign for your guests for them to take one to hold in memory.


Light a sky lantern and light up the sky! I love this idea, it can be something that you and all your guests can take part in. You can purchase lanterns in different colours, so choose your loved ones favourite colour and add a note or poem to your lantern. Watch as the beautiful lanterns light up the night sky. How amazing would this be.


Maybe your loved one was a great cook or they had a favourite food. Why not add this to your wedding menu!
'Mum's sticky chocolate pudding'
'Dad's chicken surprise'
This is a fun idea.


Wedding favours are also a lovely way to remember your loved one on your wedding day. Did they have a favourite chocolate, sweet, perfume, wine etc. You can purchase miniature everything now! Maybe your loved one had to have their favourite bottle of Bailey's at Christmas. Purchase some miniature bottles for your favours and tie a note saying ' Have a drink on name!'

Remembering that your loved one would want you to have the most special, magical day and would not want you to be getting upset for them is so important. As much as it hurts you, you have to remember that this is your special day, its all about you and your future husband/wife, your future, your love and your life together. Your celebrating your love for each other.
Your day will be perfect, enjoy every moment!

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