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Wedding Flowers

Your wedding flowers play a big part of your wedding. Helping you to transform and create a beautiful setting, matching your colour and wedding theme and your personality.  Choosing your wedding flowers is another exciting part of your planning but can be a difficult one. There are so
many beautiful flowers to choose from, a bit like choosing your wedding dress!. It can all feel like a bit of a mind field not knowing which flowers to choose and even knowing where to begin can make you feel stressed and in a bit of a panic. Firstly there is no need to panic, if you stick to my tips then I promise it will help you to enjoy every moment of your planning and choosing your beautiful flowers will become fun and exciting. Before you know it you will be at the florist shop telling them exactly what you want!

Your wedding budget will obviously play a big part in your choice of flowers. For example we all know roses can be expensive, so if your planning on having hundreds of roses then your going to need a big budget!. First thing to do is to know how much of your budget you have to spend on your flowers. You will most likely know how much of your wedding budget you have to spend on your flowers, as this  should of been done right at the very beginning before you even started any of your wedding planning. You will need this information to give to your florist so they can work within your budget.

 Depending on which season you are getting married will also determine which flowers you can choose. Don't worry if you have your heart set on flowers that are not in season as you can get most flowers anytime of the year. If you have chosen flowers that are out of season then do be prepared to pay more as it can be more difficult for your florist to source. I always say choose flowers that are in season as they are in their own natural beauty,  last longer, smell stronger, less expensive and your florist can easily source them leaving you and your florist stress free. If your florist is having problems sourcing your flowers then it can lead to last minute panic and in the worst case you may need a complete change of flowers, which can be very upsetting especially if you had your heart set on them.

Annabel Artificial Rose Bouquet
By Decoflora

There is another option if you really do have your heart set on certain flowers that are out of season and your florist is finding them hard to source. Artificial flowers! They are becoming popular and like fresh flowers they look beautiful and stunning. Of course there are the pros and the cons of choosing artificial flowers, this may be something that I will write more about in another post.

I would advise you to start planning your flowers 6-9 months prior to your wedding, this is not too early or leaving it too late. By this point you would have chosen your dress, your venue and will hopefully have a colour and wedding theme in mind. Don't worry if your not sure on the colour theme as now is the time to do your homework!. Start looking for inspiration online, make a pinterest board, look in wedding magazines, you could even make your own wedding flower scrap book with clippings from magazines. All your home work will pay off as this is what you will take along with you to your florist. Focus only on your bouquet as once you have decided on this it will help your florists to advise you on the flowers for your groom, bridesmaids, ceremony,  reception, table centre pieces etc. I would advise you to try and stick to the same colour palette as too many colours can be confusing and when you show your florist she will find it hard to know exactly what you vision your wedding day to be. Remember to do your research when choosing your florist, recommendation or asking friends and family. If you have no recommendations then look for reviews.

Once you have found a couple of florists you need to arrange appointments with them to discuss your requirements. Choosing a couple of florists will give you a choice and if one of them can not keep within your budget then hopefully the other one can!. Of course you want to know that your florist can give you exactly what you visualise your wedding to be so choose wisely. Your florist will be fully trained to help, offer you advice, answer any questions that you are unsure of which will all help you to make your decision. The time of the year, number of guests, your venue, dress, colour and wedding theme and of course all your home work that you will be taking along with you will massively help your florist. If you have gone with the option of making a wedding flower scrap book then you will have a lovely keepsake to look back on in the years to come.

Coral is going to be the new colour trend for 2019, and guess what? It was the colour I choose for my wedding back in 2012!. I had always loved the colour coral, I still do as you can probably tell from the colour of my blog! Lol. It looks vibrant, fresh and I think it's great for summer weddings as well as a winter weddings.  My wedding was a summer wedding, I mixed different shades of coral roses with gypsophila, foliage and added small crystals set in the roses which I thought really set them off.

 For a winter wedding you could mix coral with deeper colours such as reds, teal, navy blue etc. Coral also looks great with gold and silver, it just seems to blend in with so many colours.

Flowers walls are very popular, not just for weddings but for shops and homes etc. They look absolutely gorgeous, make a great backdrop for your photographs, guest selfie's, bride & groom table etc. If your looking to add something special to your wedding venue then add a flower wall, it will look fabulous in your photographs and will get all your guests talking. The Yorkshire flower girls handcraft the most beautiful, stylish bespoke flower walls to your specification.  They are available to hire or purchase. Take a look on their website, just click on their images below.

Wild Pastels Flower Wall by the Yorkshire Flower Girls 

Champagne Blush Flower Wall by the Yorkshire Flower Girls

I have put together some images of what I think are some of the most beautiful wedding bouquets. I hope to try and give you all some wedding flower inspiration!

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