Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK: Intimate Micro Wedding in North Yorkshire

Intimate Micro Wedding in North Yorkshire

Couples that have spent years planning their special day are now having to limit the number of wedding guests due to COVID-19 rules. 

For many couples they have decided to postpone for a year or even two as they still want their big wedding how they had originally planned. Of course no one knows how long these restrictions will be in place and so for some, they have gone ahead and made the changes to have their micro wedding!

Micro weddings are most definitely the new way forward, and I think are here to stay for a while. If you look at just some of the positives of having a micro wedding, they most definitely out way the negatives. You will find that the planning is so much easier. Organising a large wedding with over 150 guests is not easy and can be very stressful.

The costs are obviously going to be alot less, meaning you have more of your budget to spend on designer accessories, the cake, photographer, catering, the decor, or that honeymoon you have always dreamt about!

 You will also find your day is alot more relaxed and intimate as the guest list is smaller. Many couples who have a large wedding always say how awful they felt as they didn't have time to speak with all their guests. Trying to spend time with every single guest at a large wedding is almost impossible. You will certainly have the time to spend with your guests when you have a smaller wedding!

Laura Beasley Photography captured Sam and Becky's stunning micro wedding in North Yorkshire. Sam is in the army and he and Becky have a young daughter together. 

Sam and Becky's wedding had to be cancelled due to lockdown so they both decided to not let covid get in the way and have a smaller wedding once restrictions were eased.

Sam and Becky's ceremony took place at Ripon Cathedral in North Yorkshire, it was the very first wedding to be held there after the first lockdown. 

Ripon Cathedral is amazingly beautiful and steeped in history. You can see it has the most stunning interior which is the perfect backdrop for your photographs.

Ripon Cathedral had set the chairs out so the guests that were not living together could safely socially distance. Sam and Becky knew that having their smaller wedding under covid restrictions would be different, and although this was obviously a little unusual it certainly didn't take away how lovely the ceremony was. The intimacy of the ceremony actually made it feel more personal.

Sam and Becky had hired a gorgeous vintage convertible car, which they drove to their reception after their ceremony.


Their reception was held at a beautiful large Airbnb house near Tadcaster, which they had hired. There they hosted a BBQ in the stunning garden. This was perfect for their covid restricted wedding as it was held outdoors and they were able to have more guests join them to celebrate their big day. 

Sam and Becky also had a small bar set up where their guests could help themselves to drinks, as well as a buffet. They created a playlist of their chosen songs, which were played through speakers in the small garden summer house.

Sam and Becky kept the tradition of the cutting of the cake, tossing the bouquet and the speeches. 

What a perfect day Sam and Becky had.. Personal, intimate and everyone was able to spend time with the couple relaxing and enjoying the delicious food and drink in the gardens.

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