Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK: The Bridesmaids!

The Bridesmaids!

When you and your husband to be have finally set a date for your wedding it's time to pop the question to your bridesmaids to be! Or is it?

You may know exactly what friends you want to be bridesmaids and have always known, or maybe you are unsure. Your going to be feeling excited and can't wait to tell your friends that your wedding date has been set, excitement can sometimes lead to us not thinking straight and not thinking about the cost, yes I'm talking about the budget! Before you make any decisions you need to sit down with your husband to be and look at your budget, ask yourself the questions, can we afford to have bridesmaids? How many can we afford? Once you have decided you need to really think about what friends you want, they are going to be the ones that will be by your side throughout your wedding planning and of course they have a big role in your wedding planning too. 

Your bridesmaids have duties!

When it comes to planning your hen party it's the maid of honour that should be in charge and the bridesmaids. You will most likely have known your bridesmaids for a long time so let's hope they know you well enough to plan a hen party that you will love,maybe giving them a few hints on what you would like to do for you hen party will help! Your bridesmaids are the ones that will help and support you through your wedding planning and be there by your side when your husband to be can not.
There is no rule for who should buy the bridesmaid dresses, if the bride wants to and can afford to then great. It may be that the bridesmaids want to buy the dress as a present towards your wedding, which is great as you have more of your budget to play with or it may be that the bride puts money towards the dresses, what ever suits you best.

Your bridesmaids dresses, flowers, ceremony and your reception are what bring the colour and theme together. Deciding on the colour theme you want can be a hard decision along with choosing the style and length, of course depending on your style dress will help you determine the style of your bridesmaids dresses.
I only had one bridesmaid and that was my daughter, if you have read my other posts then you will know that my wedding dress was vintage style, so of course I went with a vintage style bridesmaid dress. I choose coral for the colour as I just love this colour and having a summer wedding I also wanted a summery colour. My flowers and makeup all matched with my colour theme.
If you are having more than one bridesmaid then you might want to consider different style dresses as not all styles suit everyone , we are all different sizes and shapes, so thinking that you can put all your bridesmaids in the same style can be a bit of a disaster. Nowadays everything goes, mix and matching styles and  colours are popular and I think it looks fab, so don't be afraid to do it. If you are going down this route then I would recommend you stick with the same shades, for example if choose the colour pink then stick with different shades of pink, or go for pastel colours if you are having your bridesmaids in different colours. I wouldn't worry about the style of the dresses as long as you stick to your wedding theme, if you have one.

I believe the best way of choosing your bridesmaid dresses is to go to a shop that stocks different designer bridesmaid dresses. It takes the stress away of having to shop around. They will have so many different styles and colours to choose from all under one roof. This is also good if you are having flower girls as dragging children round shops and changing them into different dresses is going to be manic and very stressful.
If you are having dresses made then I would advise six months prior to your wedding day, the dresses could take up to 12 weeks to be made and then there is the alterations if needed.
If you decide to buy online or off the rack then I would leave it no later than 3 months prior to the wedding. You could find the perfect dresses online and order them and when they arrive your bridesmaids try them on and they don't fit, or you have changed your mind on the style or colour, unfortunately that's the risk of buying online. Take your bridesmaids out on a shopping trip, get them to try on different style dresses and see which style dress suits who best, that way you know which style to buy online for them. Of course on your shopping trip you may even find the bridesmaid dresses you actually want! 
Take a look at Just some of the bridesmaid dresses available from Hilary B, they have so many different stunning dresses with over 250 dresses in store to try on and a choice of 70 different colours. I have selected Just some of the stunning styles they have available which I think are absolutely gorgeous and are all different styles, Its definitely worth a visit.
I hope it gives you some bridesmaid dress inspiration!

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