Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK: Wedding Table Ideas

Wedding Table Ideas

Your wedding tables are going to look perfect on your special day with a little help from Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK!

 We all have our own ideas of how we vision our wedding tables to look and of course, depending on your chosen wedding theme and style will determine what look you will choose to decorate your tables. 
 I can promise you that you won't be short of choice, the options are endless when it comes to your wedding table decor, whatever your taste.
  Whether you want vintage, boho, rustic, elegant, modern, and simple or glamourous and classy. Stunning centerpieces, candles, glassware, plates, linen, flowers, well the list goes on! 

Your wedding table and room decor will set the tone for your wedding and will look absolutely gorgeous, whatever style you choose. I will never forget when my husband and I walked into our wedding room for the first time, it literally took my breath away. Trust me, it will be one of the best feelings you will ever have and never forget. I just couldn't believe how beautiful our Venue Dressers/Stylists had transformed this already beautiful room into something that looked just so magical, and well perfect in every way. It was exactly how I had visioned it to look, it was my Fairytale wedding, the dream that I always wanted and I was in it.

  Working with a blank canvas can be hard for someone that has not had any experience. If you have a wedding planner then he/she will be able to bring your ideas to life, if you haven't then you need to take other factors into consideration before you choose.

The first thing to think about is your budget, this is what you will need to work with. Your wedding budget should have been one of the first subjects that you and your partner discussed at the start of your wedding planning journey.

 Next is your wedding theme and colour theme. Your wedding theme should reflect your personalities, represent you and your partner and who you are. Choose colours that you and your partner love and then try experimenting with different colour combinations to find one that you can both agree on.  Don't be afraid to add a few more colours to your chosen colour theme, just try and stick within the colour palette otherwise, it might look a bit too much and ruin the overall look. Of course, some couples want a very bright and colourful wedding, so if that is your style and you want lots of different colours then that's fine.

Think about your wedding venue. Will you have a country manor house, modern city, marquee, barn, forest/woodland, or a beach wedding? 
If you are having a barn or woodland wedding then you may want to go for a more rustic wedding table look, or for a Country Manor house, you may want a vintage, glam or classy look. These are only ideas, you may be having a barn wedding but your vision is classy and simple, if so then this is fine and will work. We all have our own vision of our own Fairytale Wedding. Your venue could be in a social club and you want glamour, so why not it is your wedding, have it the way you want.

 I would advise you to hire a Venue Dresser/Stylist. Decorating your wedding venue on the morning of your wedding is going to be extremely stressful. This was something I didn't regret doing, I couldn't have done it without them, they were amazing and took that stress away the morning of our wedding. 
 If you have a family member or friend that is willing to do this for you then great, just be sure that they are experienced, or you may end up with something that you don't want. 
So many wedding Venue Dressers/Stylists offer a free venue visit which is great. You can discuss your ideas with them and they will bring your ideas to life. They will also discuss the packages that they have available and that will suit your budget. You will find that it will work out cheaper to hire a business that can supply all your wedding venue dressing and do the work for you than hiring each individual item as the packages they offer include everything you need at a discounted price, and on the plus side, they do the work for you leaving you stress-free on the morning of your wedding...perfect!
By hiring a Venue dresser/Stylist will also ensure that you have a professional on the job to create your perfect Fairytale dream wedding.

When you meet up with your Venue Dresser/Stylist you should bring along some images of your ideas, especially if you are not very good at explaining your ideas.  They will also need to know the overall number of guests to determine how many tables you will need. 
Round tables are best for the larger number of guests, they will be able to socialise more easily.

Flowers are another popular choice for wedding tables and I must say they are mine too. You are sure to find your perfect flowers with such a huge choice. The different types, colours, and shapes give you so many options.
Fresh flowers can be expensive and if you have a lot of tables and you want to keep to your budget you may want to opt for something different. You will also need to take into consideration what season you are getting married to determine which flowers you can choose.
There are lots of options to keep the cost of your flowers down - you could have small decorative glass jars or bowls with only a couple of flowers in each rather than a mass of flowers - Sometimes less is best. You could also add greenery which comes in a lot more cost-effective.

We have some amazing Venue Dressers/Stylists, so if you would like a quote you can fill in our Wedding Supplier Quote Form.

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