Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK: The Groom's Outfit

The Groom's Outfit

Here is a post for all the grooms!. I thought it was about time to give them some tips and advice and help them out too. We don't want them feeling left out now do we! Of course the groom's outfit is just as important as the bride's dress and the groom wants to feel and look his best on his wedding day.

I would advise the groom to get his suit 3-4 months before the wedding. Sometimes it is not a simple task and the groom does not want to leave it til the last minute causing unnecessary panic. We want everything to run as smooth as possible.

The groom will need to get measured up and make sure that his suit fits him properly, just like the bride will need to for her dress. Picking up a suit off the rack is definitely a no no - you may find out the hard way if you do. If alterations are needed it can all add up and you will find yourself spending more money than what you had budgeted for. The cost for alterations can cost just as much, if not more than what the cost would be to get a professional to measure you.  You will also  want to feel comfortable in your suit- wearing your wedding suit all day and not feeling comfortable is not going to make the day as enjoyable, it's a very long day!

Again like the bride's dress - you will need to take into consideration the theme of your wedding such as the venue, colour, season, flowers etc. This will all help you to determine the style of the suit that you choose. The last thing you want to do is turn up in a suit that is for a beach themed wedding when you are having a church wedding and your venue is in a stately manor, I don't think the bride is going to be too happy!. Normally the Groom and Ushers colour coordinate with the bridesmaids, matching their colour dresses with your tie, pocket square, suit trims on the sleeves and linings of the suit jackets. This really does look great and makes your photographs really stand out.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Mark Khan, the founder of J&E and I can not recommend his work enough. He certainly has a passion to design suits that are truly unique and personal to the individual, oozing class, sophistication and above all quality.  Mark's designs and tailorship skills are excellent creating the most luxurious bespoke wedding suits that I have ever seen.

Marks inspiration comes from the mid 1960's with the the likes of Sean Connery, Steve McQueen and Paul Newman sporting those sharp lines in their suits. (Look at the films in that era - such as Goldfinger, The Thomas Crown Affair and Torn Curtain). Mark brings this look into designing his suits creating a modern up to date twist that will make you stand out on your big day in your individual bespoke wedding suit.

Mark believes that style is a way to say who you are without having to speak, I must say I have to agree with that.  Mark will create your perfect modern bespoke wedding suit that is unique to you, to give you your individual style with the right combination of fit, colour and subtle details that will define your style. For example he will use of course only the very best fabric like Loro Piana with rich colour saturation, complementary patterned lining with contrast piping details and of course all the other details that will be unique to you e.g   slim trousers just "kissing " the top of the shoe, shorter jacket length and vents..... Sounds fabulous doesn't it! . Mark believes it is the simple touches that add style. What ever your preference Mark will be there to work with you to design and create a suit that will make you feel your best.

Mark sees himself as a bespoke stylist, working together with the client deciding on all the details to create and design your suit in a very personal way.  He wants his clients to think of him as his stylish mate!. He will help you to create your bespoke wedding suit so you feel and look good, to stand out on your wedding day. Once you and Mark have worked together and discussed your requirements he then gets to work, designing and crafting  your unique suit which can take anything from 3 to 6 weeks.

All of Mark's prices are fixed, which means which ever category you choose your budget will not change. There are no hidden extras.

If you have always wanted a tailor made designer suit then now is your perfect time. Your wedding day only happens once in a lifetime, so make it as special as possible.

You can visit Mark in London Canary Wharf, The City, Mayfair or Rickmansworth or special arrangements can be made for a visit beyond these areas.

Book a consultation with Mark to discuss your requirements such as design, cloth, lining, features, style etc.... and if you're happy for Mark to proceed with your suit he will take your measurements and you could be having your 1st fitting in 3 to 6 weeks!

Click on J&E Clothing's link to arrange a consultation!

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