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Wedding Music

We all know that having music at your wedding is a must. We hear music daily to wake us up in the morning, in the car on the way to work, on the TV, for relaxation etc.
Music is the hallmark for many of the special moments in our life.
You will want your wedding to have the perfect atmosphere and to feel alive. Could you imagine walking down the aisle to the man you love with no music, just silence? It just wouldn't seem right. Music is what will set the tone,  atmosphere and the mood. Whenever you hear people talk about attending a wedding they always mention the music, it's something that always stays in our memories.

  Having your own special song playing while you walk down the aisle and for your first dance will always be special and unique moments that you will never forget. You may already know what songs you would like, they are most likely songs that you and your partner relate to because they hold your special memories as a couple. Maybe they are particular songs that were out when you first met and the words have meaning to you both. The music that you choose for your wedding day will hold them special memories in your heart forever and whenever you hear them songs playing on the radio or just want to recall, all those happy memories of your day will come flooding back.

For your evening reception you will want music to get your guests in the mood for a memorable, happy and lively celebration of your special day. Getting your guest up and moving on the dance floor with some upbeat, happy, energizing tunes will really get you and your guests in the mood!

For me I don't think anything beats having a live singer on your wedding day to really set the tone and make your day really feel special and memorable.

Lula Weddings is a 5 star rated South East based acoustic wedding singer available all over the UK and internationally.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Lucy Beard. Lucy has the most beautiful, incredible voice that will leave you hypnotised and her singing will take your breath away. I can see why couples would want her to sing for them on their wedding day, it's that added something special that will really make your day complete.
If you are looking for a singer with smooth vocals while walking down the aisle or a more upbeat tune to really get your guests up and moving on the dance floor then Lucy can do it. You only have to listen to her singing to realise that she can sing anything with her beautiful vocals.

Lucy's repertoire ranges from the likes of Elvis Presley, Adele to Craig David.  I must say I could listen to Lucy singing "All Of Me" by John Legend over and over again!. Lucy sings with passion, emotion and gusto that will leave any audience mesmerized with her.

Lucy can turn any song of your choice into your special wedding song, so if the lyrics from your favourite dance or rock artist is what you want for you wedding day then with the help of Lucy's incredible fleet of musicians they will work together to create the most gorgeous backing track for your wedding day. This really makes your song unique to you.

Lucy has some fantastic packages to suit everyone. The Ceremony package for example would include -  20 minutes of love songs as your guests arrive at your chosen venue and seated in the ceremony room. Have your own unique entrance song as you start to walk down the aisle, plus 2-3 songs of your choice are sung whilst you walk down the aisle and lastly your exit song as you and your partner exit back up the aisle!

Listen to Lucy or to make an enquiry click on her images to be directed to her website, 

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