Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK: Photography


Your wedding photos will be yours to keep for the rest of your life and to share with family and friends memories of your special day!
I would recommend you book your photographer as soon as you have a date booked for your wedding. I know it sounds crazy but the last thing you want is to be phoning around trying to find a good photographer at the last minute only to find out they are fully booked. I've known people to book up 2 years in advance, don't go by the 6-9 months that they advise you online, book as early as possible!. Remember you need a date so the photographer can see if they are available for your day. Photographers can get booked up quick, especially if you are having a summer wedding.
I believe word of mouth is the best way to find your Photographer, which is how I found mine, a close friend had him do her wedding photographs which were gorgeous and I liked how he worked, he was always in the back ground and you did not even know he was there, snapping away while you enjoyed your day which is why alot of my photographs were very natural looking, something I like. He was there right from the beginning of the day, he was in my room taking photos while I was getting dressed! lol, he took pictures of all the little details like the seating cards, table plan, favours, the flower centre pieces on the tables etc..... small things that are so nice to look back on that you could forget.
If you are struggling to find a photographer then look online, research all the photographers in your area, looking at their reviews and portfolio, when you have booked your venue remember to ask them if they can recommend any good photographers, they would of seen alot.  Again wedding fairs are good.  Each photographer will have their unique style so only you can decide which one you are happiest with. Once you have made interviews with a couple that you have chosen and seen their work, your decision should come easily. 
They say the average price for a photographer in the UK is £1000. If you are on a low budget do your research to find the best possible price, there is alot of deals if you look.

The Fairytale Jewellery Collection

Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK is delighted to announce the recent launch of the SAVICKI jewellery brand here in the UK.