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Bridal Hair

Deciding on which hairstyle you want for your special day all comes down to the style dress you choose and of course the theme of your wedding (if you have one that is). I choose a vintage style dress and my venue was in a Victorian manor so the hairstyle I choose went with my style dress and venue.
Another reason why I always say choosing your dress first ( after doing your wedding budget of course) is best because not only does it take a huge amount of stress out of planning the rest of your wedding it will determine what venue, theme and hairstyle you will choose.
There are so many bridal hairstyle images online which is where I started. keep in mind that if this is your first time of meeting your hairstylist she wont know your personal taste so you will need to  show and tell. Its best to choose two or three styles that you like, print them off or save the images on your phone so you can show your hairstylist at your first appointment, you can then try a few styles to see which you like best and what suits you best, again bring Mum or a very close friend and they may help you with your decision. I wanted something different so did lots of searching to find my perfect style, also having to take into consideration my hair type and length. Of course if your hair is short and your perfect hairstyle image is a long hairstyle then you could always have hair extensions, OK it would be an extra expense but you want to feel like a million dollars on your special day and if thats what it takes then go for it!
I would find a good hairstylist that has a history of doing bridal hair and can hopefully share her/his portfolio of bridal hairstyles with you that they have done. My hairstylist was only a couple of miles away from where my venue was situated, so on the morning of my wedding she came to me and did my hair at my venue.
I would advise you to book in with your hairstylist about 6-8 months in advance, you will want to have a couple of trial runs before your big day to make sure you are completely happy with it. 


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