Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK: Wedding Favours

Wedding Favours

Traditionally five sugar almonds were given as favours to represent fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness. The bitterness of the almond and the sweetness of the coated candy are a metaphor for the bitter sweetness of a marriage. Well today it's all changed!

I just love wedding favours, you can really add a bit of fun to your wedding day and make your favours unique,fun and different to fit you and your partner's personality. I know when I got married I wanted something that was going to be personal to us, I just love chocolate! its my down fall to be honest, since going sugar free which has been for almost two years now its the one thing I really miss, although I do have a little nibble on some almost sugar free chocolate every now and then, I am so naughty, but hey you only live once!. Well with me being chocolate mad, at the time of course we went for chocolate favours with a personalised wrapper.  We had our names and the date of our wedding printed on the wrappers, they looked great and just gave that personal touch, then we added heart shaped chocolates wrapped in silver foil and purchased some small little organza bags to put them in and tied a name tag to each bag which made them personal to each individual guest. Our guests loved them, and really appreciated the gesture, it was a little way of saying thank you and a reminder of our special day. 
Of course wedding favours have become a huge part of  wedding planning now, you can buy so many different types and there are favours to suit every budget too, like these personalised puzzle pieces from Amazon.

Cake Pops are fun, quirky and will certainly get your wedding guests talking. I got to know Amanda Braines from Yorkshire who owns Angel Treatz, Amanda specialises in handmade Cake Pops, they look amazing and taste delicious! 
Amanda also makes Scottish Tablets that melt in your mouth, it certainly takes skill to make them as perfect as Amanda can. French Macarons are also another of Amanda's speciality too, I Just love how they look, they to are both a perfect Wedding Favour.
All of Amanda's Wedding Favours come beautifully presented and if you have any specific design or colour theme you would like she is happy to do that for you. 

You can find Angel Treatz on Facebook.

The Fairytale Jewellery Collection

Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK is delighted to announce the recent launch of the SAVICKI jewellery brand here in the UK.