Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK: The Cake

The Cake

You may want to choose a cake design that goes with the theme of your wedding or you may know exactly what cake you want, which was the case for me. After looking online at different cake designs I spotted the cake we wanted, we then went to our local bakers that specialises in wedding cakes and they surprisingly had the almost identical cake displayed in their shop window that I had seen online...it was meant to be! We had decided on a Castle design cake, although we didn't get married in a Castle I had fell in love with that design when we had seen it online. When we visited the bakery and I seen it displayed in the window that was it, I had to have that one! It's funny isn't it, you just know what's right for you, the same with the dress, venue, the flowers etc... you just know. 
I believe word of mouth is the tried and true way to find your cake baker.You could also go to a few local wedding fairs as well and sample some of the gorgeous cakes they have on display.
Make an appointment to see your baker and I would recommend you go and see a couple. By seeing a couple you can decide on which baker you prefer and sampling all the cakes will help you make that decision! Just be careful on how much you do sample, it can certainly make you feel quite sick after eating too much cake and make that decision harder for you. Fortunately for my husband he can eat cakes til they come out of his ears! probably the same for most men.
Your baker will also need an estimated number of guests to determine the size and number of slices of cake you will need, so you will need to make sure you have done your guest list before attending for appointment.
Costing of course comes down to the complexity of your cake design and size, most bakers charge per slice. The average price for a wedding cake in the UK is £350-£550, unless you go for something out of this world you could be paying thousands!
Cake baking has become huge! with so many talented bakers out there, you only have to look online to see so many images of beautiful cake designs.
I would advise you to book your cake about 6-9 months in advance or as early as possible.
Enjoy searching for your perfect wedding cake! 


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