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Hi, I'm Stacy married mum of five children, living in Warwickshire. My life completely changed about 5 years ago when I became very ill, after many hospital visits and seeing lots of different specialist doctors I was diagnosed with a mixed connected tissue disease. I never thought this would happen to me, I was healthy, kept myself fit by running 5 days a week, I was a self employed hairstylist and was always kept busy with my children. Sometimes we have to turn a negative into a positive, so that's what I'm doing and making the most of the things I can do. Although my illness has changed my life in so many ways it has given me a completely different outlook on life, which I think is for the better and I'm not afraid of doing anything that I want to do. I am very happy to say my illness is now under control with medication and I'm doing alright.

 So here I am writing a wedding blog! Lol why a wedding blog? you ask, well  6 years ago I married my wonderful husband who I owe everything to, he is the reason why I'm still here and my children of course. I can truly say my husband has been my rock, he's my guardian angel. Planning our wedding for me was one of the most magical and happiest times of my life and I remember everything like yesterday, I think to myself I would love to live that day just one more time. I do though have my wonderful memories and often look back on our photos. I would like to share and help you plan your fairytale wedding by giving you tips and advice through my experience and making your day as special as mine was. 

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