Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK: The Guest List

The Guest List

Sit down together and make a list of the family and friends you’d like at the service, again there is loads of print off guest lists online, choose who you’d like to be there on the
day and create a separate list of people you’d like at the night time. Check your total and double check them again. You will then have the numbers you need to work with – a smaller party for the day time, and a maximum for the night. 

I've been married for just over 6 years now, it feels like only yesterday, where does the time go!. We decided on quite a small wedding with close friends and family in the day and the evening we were able to invite everyone. For us that's what we wanted, we had the guests in the day that we really wanted there, for you it might be different and you may have a very large family and just couldn't leave anyone off you list.

This is the tricky part! It's never easy trying to decide who you want to be there on your special day, the last thing you want to do is upset someone.
Once you have decided on the numbers it's deciding how many guest from your side and how many guests from your partner's side, believe me that ones very tricky!
I always hear people saying " weddings hey! Friends you hardly ever see or family you haven't seen in a decade, then you have to feed them! Then you won't see them again for another decade or maybe never " lol, it really does make me laugh but it is so true. Your in charge of who you want on your list, it could be 20 guests or it could be hundreds, don't feel as though you have to invite certain people because you don't want to upset them, if they care for you then they certainly won't mind. Let's face it the big one is budget and if your on a low budget then not everyone can be there.

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