Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK: Getting to know Your Photographer!

Getting to know Your Photographer!

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For all of you that have read my post on Photography you will know how important it is to choose the right Photographer for your big day, getting to know them and their work is a must! You want to feel confident that they are going to be capturing every special moment of your day and that you feel comfortable around them.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Nadia Calipa who is an exceptional photographic artist  who works with her clients to create arresting portraits which capture the personality of her subjects. 
Nadia's atmospheric portraits explore her Southern Italian family history of dress and shoe making.

Her biggest passions are bespoke portrait sessions and to photograph themed events including Weddings. As a visual story teller she uses her warmth and vision to help people explore creativity .  Nadia Calipa really is an exceptional Photographer! you can see that just by looking at her work. After studying Photography in Rome during the 80s and later film and photography in Leeds and London, she then qualified as a set designer working on pop-proms, BBC programmes and the popular MTV Awards. 
I asked Nadia what kind of photographer she is, her reply was:
" It is easier to explain the kind of photographer I am not. I am not stuffy or rushed, without a doubt motherhood has been my greatest influence and  have documented many precious moments, with a very active little boy who is always on the go, imaginative, wonderful and yes wild.....
Throughout my career I have embraced a creative path, in the 80s I assisted still life photographer Alessandro Parenti, leading to seven years in the art department for film and television. My training took place at University of Westminster and continued at the Northern Film School where I completed my MA in film and Television Production. Through dressing people and sets to camera I have developed an appreciation for peoples expression of themselves and their lives through visual imagery. If you see the value in having images that are timeless in style and reflect the spirit of either yourself or your child, I am the photographer for you. I aim to connect with my subject and capture their personality in images that will last a lifetime"

 Children's Photographic Wedding Creche is again another one of Nadia's passions, capturing  the beautiful moments on your wedding day, although this one is Just for the Children!. Nadia has had plenty of experience over the years of working with different children of all abilities. Her idea for this came about when she was running Children's parties where she uses props and costumes for mini styled photo shoots. Of course its a fantastic treat for the Children and for the adults, while you know Nadia is entertaining the children at your Wedding the adults can enjoy their time too, sounds perfect don't you think!

Why not have a Pre-wedding engagement photo shoot with Nadia, tell your love story and capture those special moments before your Wedding day. Pre-Wedding photo shoots are great not only for you as a couple but for your photographer too, it's a great way of  you both getting to know each other.

So here you know everything you need to know about Nadia Calipa, if you would like to get intouch with her and feel that she is the photograher that you would like for your Wedding day then you can contact her to arrange a meeting at:
Email: N.calipa@eol.com

All my readers are entitled to a discount, mention Fairytale Wedding Planning in the UK when you contact Nadia.

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