Wedding Invitation

I would advise you to get your invitations sent out 12 months in advance or as soon as you have a date booked for your wedding, especially if your wedding is in the summer months. Letting your guests know as early as possible will give them a chance to clear their calendars, make necessary travel arrangements and plan around your wedding date. If you don't want to send out the invitations that early then another option is a save the date card, which I think is a great idea, you can send out your invitations when your ready then, although I wouldn't leave it too close to the date as guests will also have their planning to do too, I would say no later than 12 weeks in advance if you are doing it that way.

Where do I purchase my wedding invitations? There are so many businesses online now that specialise in wedding stationary, there are invites that are already made or you can design your own on websites like Vistaprint etc..... also Amazon do a fantastic range of handmade invitations, you will find the link on my page in the side column. One of my lovely friends is amazing at art and crafts and she offered to do the invites for us, which was great! We just told her what design and wording we wanted and she did rest, we were so happy with them, they looked gorgeous and I think being handmade made them more special as well. You may want your invitations to go with the theme of your wedding, if you have one that is, it could be the first glimpse of what your wedding may be like for your guests. Also websites like not on the high street and etsy have some gorgeous looking wedding invitations that look so unique and different, its definitely worth having a look.
If you are inviting extra guests for just the evening that are not attending in the day then you will also want to send out evening invitations for them too.
What wording do I put in my invitation? There are so many ways to write your wedding invitations such as, from the parents of the bride, both set of parents, you with both set of parents, a single parent or just your hosting your own. We went with hosting our own which would say your names, then 'we request the pleasure of your company at our marriage' then date, time, Church, Venue and include a RSVP With a deadline date of around 4 weeks before your wedding date. Also on your invitations state if there is a dress code, make sure you clearly write the guests names and if children are invited, if they are then write their names too so the guests know exactly who is invited. If children are not invited then maybe adding a note to the parents such as 'as much as we would love to invite our friends children unfortunately it is only possible to accommodate children of close family'. You can look online at examples of wording for your invitations, you will find the right words to use for you and your partner, there are so many different ways.


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